Car Accident

You may be surprised to learn that in Pennsylvania, your options after a car accident can be limited by the choices you made at the time you purchased your car insurance. In Pennsylvania, one factor which may limit your recovery in the event of an automobile accident is your choice of coverage. In Pennsylvania your choice of coverage affects your ability to recover for damages sustained as a result of another operator's negligence. Specifically the "Full Tort" or "Limited Tort " options offered when you purchase your auto insurance may determine your ability to recover damages resulting from an auto accident. The "Limited Tort" option limits your ability to recover for injuries sustained as the result of another operators negligence to "serious injuries." The law defines "serious injuries" as personal injuries resulting in death, serious impairment of a bodily function or permanent serious disfigurement. Most Court have held that "soft tissue " injuries such as neck and back sprains and strains do not rise to the level of "serious injury." If you are shopping for automobile insurance understand these differences in coverage and the effect your choices could have in the future.

If you are involved in any type of vehicle accident, be aware and be smart. Contact law enforcement and your insurance company. No matter what kind of vehicle insurance coverage you have, do not assume everything is cut-and-dried. It hardly ever is. What if there is a DUI element? What if there is a commercial vehicle involved or a government vehicle involved? No matter what the circumstances of the accident, take the additional step to protect yourself by consulting with the Lehighton car accident lawyers at Rapa Law Office.

Give yourself every opportunity to have a fair outcome. Your health and future are too precious to trust to an insurance company. Have a serious and knowledgeable advocate on your side - the Lehighton car accident lawyers at Rapa Law Office.

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