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December 2016 Archives

Changes in Pennsylvania DUI laws

Driving is not a right; it's a privilege. You remember studying for your driving test, logging hours behind the wheel, practicing parallel parking and sitting for hours while a driving instructor talked about the rules of the road. The state of Pennsylvania required you to do this if you wanted to drive.

Helping you obtain a fair child custody order

Parents in Pennsylvania often deal with the normal ups and downs that come with the married life. While some of these disputes are minute and easily resolvable, others are major and impact the overall dynamic of the relationship. In these cases, parents often decide it is best to part ways; however, it can be challenging to determine what is best for the children involved because both parents seek to advocate for the needs of their children.

Understanding child support calculations in Pennsylvania

Parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children until they reach adulthood. If parents are not married at the time their child is born, are recently separated or are divorced, one parent will likely be required to pay support payments, even if he or she does not live with the children. The non-custodial parent generally pays child support.

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