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June 2017 Archives

Fourth of July is nearly here; be mindful of drunk driving

It seems like just yesterday that we were shoveling out from snow and welcoming in the spring season. Now we have the birthday of our country, the Fourth of July, next week. While the holiday means different things to different people, most Americans know how to celebrate in style. Throughout the country, Americans will be attending parades, watching fireworks and hosting barbeques among family and friends to celebrate the holiday.

Do you have a chance at fighting a traffic ticket?

Every now and then, almost every driver bends the laws when operating their vehicles. You likely find yourself among this group, and whether you drive slightly over the speed limit or do not slow at a yellow traffic light, you may feel that your actions do not have major consequences on others. However, you could find yourself in a difficult predicament if you get stopped by a police officer.

On suppressing evidence

During the process of an arrest and criminal trial, it is incumbent upon the law enforcement officers to act in a professional manner, and follow all police procedures per legal protocol. These are among the right entitled to every American, whether you live in California, Alaska or Pennsylvania.

How are visitation rights determined?

Considering the fact that a divorce in and of itself is the result of an unsustainable relationship, it comes as no surprise that many divorces are not clean or easily processed. If a couple were able to work through the challenges and decisions of life, they may not be in the divorce in the first place.

How are field sobriety tests conducted?

As we have stated in previous posts, drunk driving remains a problem throughout the United States, including those living in and near the Lehighton, Pennsylvania area. While it is far easier for police to recognize speeders or those driving recklessly, one cannot necessarily tell if a driver is driving under the influence without an up close inspection. Often, a field sobriety test is conducted if an officer suspects someone of driving while drunk.

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI

Although dominant on the golf course for nearly two decades, it appears that Tiger Woods has had a less than stellar history while on the roads. Early last Sunday night, the elite golfer was arrested on a driving while under the influence charge near West Palm Beach, Florida. Following a public apology, it is believed that he was driving under the influence of a mixture of prescription drugs.

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