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August 2017 Archives

Do PA police need a warrant to search a vehicle?

Anyone who has watched police programs on television know search warrants. Judges issue these documents when a law enforcement officer is able to show the court that there is probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime may be found in some specific location. The idea behind warrants is to protect the privacy of people's property under the 4th amendment. However, it may be less commonly known by Pennsylvanians that warrants are not always used.

How do Pennsylvania courts look at child custody?

Divorce, or the break-up of a long-term domestic relationship, is hard. This is especially true when the couple involved has children together. The thought of not being with the children on a day-to-day basis can be frightening for many parents. In many circumstances, however, residents decide that it is better for the children for their parents to no longer live together, than to remain in a bad situation.

What is "negligence" in a Pennsylvania car accident?

Most Allentown residents, like Americans nationwide, spend a lot of time in motor vehicles. Whether driving to work, to church or the store, automobiles play a large part in our lives. Car accidents result in thousands of deaths and multiples more injuries every year in Pennsylvania. Those who have been hurt in a car crash can end up with huge medical bills, months of lost wages and other economic fallout. Because of this, the legal system maintains a way for these victims to pursue compensation.

DUI in Pennsylvania encompasses more than drunk driving

Drunk driving has been a point of focus for legislatures, prosecutors and law enforcement on and off for 30 or more years now. Since the 1980s, the legal penalties for Driving Under the Influence or "DUI" have become stiffer and stiffer, even for a first offense. And, while protecting the public against dangerous drivers may be a laudable goal, overzealousness can sometimes creep in to such prosecutions and create a situation where a person's life can be ruined.

Intent to distribute charges pending against Pennsylvanian couple

There is a saying that a "family that plays together, stays together." While that might be true, some activities are probably best left unshared. Being in possession of large quantities of illicit substances may be one of these, as one Allentown resident recently discovered.

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