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September 2017 Archives

Distracted drivers in Pennsylvania may face legal consequences

Most of us are familiar that distracted driving can cause serious car accidents that result in significant injuries and harm to victims. It is important for drivers to keep in mind that any activity that removes their hands from the wheel, their eyes from the roadway or takes their focus off the task of driving is considered distracted driving. This can include a variety of behaviors that are potentially dangerous on the roadway.

Make sure your teenager's aware of these driving distractions

As a parent of a Pennsylvania teenager, you likely experience a roller coaster of emotions on any given week. That's simply because living with people under age 18 can be quite challenging, even if rewarding most of the time. One of biggest challenges you'll probably undertake if you have a son or daughter age 16 or above, is teaching him or her how to drive a car. It's a much-anticipated milestone in the lives of many teens and parents alike.

Woman arrested for driving under the influence

Criminal defense rights apply to all types of criminal charges, including drunk driving charges. In a nearby Pennsylvania community north of the Lehighton area a 34-year old woman was recently arrested for drunk driving charges. According to authorities, the woman fled the scene of an accident that injured a 70-year old man. Witnesses provided a description of the vehicle allegedly involved in the accident and a partial license plate number. Also according to authorities, another witness called in to report that they were following a vehicle that was driving erratically and matched the description of the vehicle involved in the accident.

Child custody basics in Pennsylvania

The idea of child custody can be troubling but is important for divorcing parents to understand and to know what to expect. Determining child custody can be one of the most emotional and contentious aspects of the divorce process. Additional concerns, such as grandparent visitation, can also arise which is why it is important for divorcing parents to understand the full range of resources available to them through the family law process.

A strong criminal defense strategy is needed for drug charges

Drug charges are significant charges and can be punished harshly in Pennsylvania. Drug charges carry potentially stiff penalties, serious consequences and a lifetime criminal record. Penalties for drug charges can include criminal penalties such as incarceration, administrative penalties such as the loss of a driver's license and can threaten a business or occupational license. Drug charges, therefore, threaten the freedom and professional and personal lives of accused individuals.

Bankruptcy may stop a lender from seizing your home

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? If so, you are one of many Pennsylvania residents in such a position. While foreclosure rates have declined over the years, numerous individuals have still found themselves struggling to stay financially afloat, making it difficult for them to meet their obligation to their mortgage lenders. This is when they start considering bankruptcy.

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