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March 2018 Archives

One killed by chain-reaction crash

Driving is not always an easy undertaking. Individuals who must operate their vehicles on Pennsylvania's many roads and highways are aware of the significant distractions and complications that can present themselves during the course of a trip. For example, a driver may have to contend with weather hazards, construction, and dangerous drivers all on top of the regular traffic that can clog throughways and cause delays to individuals who have places to go.

Facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania because you were dizzy?

It's no secret that drunk driving takes the lives of thousands of innocent people in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation every year. You might be surprised to learn, however, how many people face DUI charges (and perhaps, convictions) who never touched a dropped of alcohol before getting behind their wheels. If a police officer plans to pull you over in a traffic stop, he or she has to have reasonable cause to do so.

Should I fight for legal custody of my child?

Transitioning from a marriage with children to life after a divorce can be very hard on a Pennsylvanian parent. Especially when that parent is accustomed to undertaking many of the day-to-day responsibilities that parents perform with regard to their kids may they struggle with not having their children in their homes each day of their lives. Often when parents undergo divorces they have to split up their children's lives so that each parent may have some custodial control over the kids' physical bodies.

Compensation for catastrophic injuries

In the early morning hours of Friday, March 9th, at approximately 1:30 a.m. a woman crashed her car into LaRose's Skating Rink in Franklin Township. She had failed to negotiate a curve along Route 209 causing her to run off the road and crash into the building. Franklin Township police are still investigating the accident for a possible cause.

How are my monthly payments calculated in a Chapter 13 plan?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as a wage earner's plan, or debtor's court. This is because its purpose is to allow debtors to consolidate creditor payments over a three to five-year period. Those payments can include amounts on which a debtor has fallen behind, such as a home mortgage or car note, while allowing them to retain the collateral and catch up. Payment amounts are based on the debtor's current income.

Mortgage modification in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When the 2008 economic recession hit, mortgage companies were forced to find a solution for homeowners who could no longer afford their house payments and had fallen behind. Otherwise, the number of foreclosures would have been far more astronomical than it already was. Mortgagers would have lost millions of dollars.

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