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April 2018 Archives

Should parents get equal time in a joint physical custody plan?

When divorce occurs within a Pennsylvania family it can be hard for the parents to figure out how to split their children's time between their different households. While in some cases they may eventually come to an arrangement that serves both their expectations and their children's needs, in other cases they may need the help of the courts to settle their differences. When parents share physical custody of their kids and cannot find common ground regarding the split, courts will assess how to serve the best interests of the children in their divided custodial plans.

You must meet certain requirements before ending your marriage

Just as the state of Pennsylvania has laws for entering a marital union (for example, those dealing with age and consent), the state also regulates the process of getting divorced. For instance, you must meet certain residency requirements, and a variety of legal grounds are also available for a marital breakup (you can file either a fault-based or a no-fault divorce).

Seek manageable debt relief with Chapter 13 bankruptcy

One of the overwhelming fears that Pennsylvania debtors carry with them about bankruptcy is the concern that they will have nothing left when the process is over. Despite the debts, individuals may worry about losing the rooves that are over their heads or the cars that they drive to their jobs. While Chapter 7 bankruptcy does involve the selling off of property in order to pay creditors, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a different type of solution to burdensome debts.

Not everyone will qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protections

Bankruptcy can help a Lehighton resident who is behind on their bills and who cannot find the extra income to get caught up. It can help individuals take control of their financial health and work down their debts so that they may have better control over the bills they do maintain. There are a variety of different forms of bankruptcy that debtors may choose to pursue and one of the most utilized of them all is Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

What is a field sobriety test?

When it comes to evaluating a person's level of intoxication, many Pennsylvanians think of the blood or breath-based tests that law enforcement officials may administer to learn of a person's blood alcohol concentration. A person's blood alcohol concentration, often shortened to BAC, is a number that indicates the amount of alcohol that is in a person's body. State laws are written with BAC in mind and with intoxicated driving charges generally applying when a driver's BAC reaches or exceeds .08.

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