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March 2019 Archives

Custody make-up bill introduced

Failure to follow a court order can lead to a custody dispute and legal wrangling despite improvements in Pennsylvania's laws. A bill was recently introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that provides another legal remedy when a parent does not comply with a child custody order.

Medical marijuana challenging DUI enforcement

It has been a year since Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana. However, drivers who are authorized to use medical marijuana must take precautions or they may face driving under the influence or other drug charges. Patients should always carry their medical marijuana cards with them when they drive. This will allow police to treat them the same as other drivers who are taking legally-prescribed drugs. However, drivers using prescription drugs or medical marijuana may be arrested for driving under the influence if they drive when they are impaired from these drugs.

Understanding divorce grounds in Pennsylvania

For some couples, it is easy to know when a marriage is over and divorce is the most logical course of action. An act of betrayal or a moment of anger are obvious reasons for wanting to get out of a marriage. However, not every marriage has those defining moments. In fact, many divorcing couples may be unable or unwilling to name a specific reason for their breakup.

Pedestrian deaths in America reaching historic levels

Pedestrians have practically no protection against vehicles. This may be illustrated in a recent report issued by the Governors Highway Safety Administration, which found that the number of pedestrian deaths from car accidents and other vehicle crashes in this country last year was the highest number recorded in 30 years. It is also projected that Pennsylvania suffered a record increase in these deaths in 2018.

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