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June 2019 Archives

Some positive news on 2018 traffic fatality estimates

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates on traffic deaths in 2018 contains some promising news and some bad news. The NHTSA projects a small drop in deaths from car accidents and other vehicle crashes, even as the number of miles driven rose slightly. But, over 100 Americans still die each day in vehicle accidents.

Bill would address custody violations

Violations of child visitation orders usually require litigation and often have insignificant consequences. A bill pending in the Pennsylvania legislature, however, would help provide relief for parents who lose time with their children when the other parent violated a child custody order.

Supreme Court overturns sobriety checkpoint arrest

Police in Pennsylvania use sobriety checkpoints to conduct random stops of motorists and determine whether they are driving while impaired. Last month, however, the state Supreme Court suppressed evidence in a drunk driving prosecution of a New York motorist because the police departments from 16 different jurisdictions did not comply with laws governing inter-governmental operation of sobriety checkpoints.

Bicycling: Your safety is on the line

After a cold, dreary winter, you may be among the many in Pennsylvania who are eager to get back on your bicycle. Whether you bike to work, for exercise or for pleasure, by yourself or in a group, riding a bike is one of those childhood joys that carries over into adulthood without apologies. Unfortunately, along with the joy comes the danger.

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