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Sentencing entrapment defense

Many Pennsylvania drug cases are brought with the assistance of a confidential informant, or undercover agent. Often, a sting operation will be setup by law enforcement in which a drug deal will be arranged between a suspect and an informant. It is in these circumstances that sentencing entrapment can happen.

Pennsylvania heroin laws

Heroin use has become such an epidemic in our country that states have adopted laws that specifically address and set out sentences for its use, possession and distribution. Pennsylvania is no exception.

Man faces multiple charges after drugs found in child's car seat

A 28-year-old Lansford, PA man faces a multitude of drug charges after police found packages of heroin stashed in his 18-month-old child's car seat. One bag was found in the floor of the vehicle near the child, while three others were found underneath the car seat. The child was in the car seat at the time.

Drug charges are serious

In Pennsylvania, drug crimes are serious criminal charges which can carry harsh potential penalties and consequences. Convictions for drug crimes remain on an accused individual's record for their lifetime and can have serious consequences for the accused individual's personal life and employment and may threaten their freedom and future. Penalties for drug charges in Pennsylvania can include mandatory incarceration, fees and the loss of a driver's license or professional license.

Woman arrested for driving under the influence

Criminal defense rights apply to all types of criminal charges, including drunk driving charges. In a nearby Pennsylvania community north of the Lehighton area a 34-year old woman was recently arrested for drunk driving charges. According to authorities, the woman fled the scene of an accident that injured a 70-year old man. Witnesses provided a description of the vehicle allegedly involved in the accident and a partial license plate number. Also according to authorities, another witness called in to report that they were following a vehicle that was driving erratically and matched the description of the vehicle involved in the accident.

A strong criminal defense strategy is needed for drug charges

Drug charges are significant charges and can be punished harshly in Pennsylvania. Drug charges carry potentially stiff penalties, serious consequences and a lifetime criminal record. Penalties for drug charges can include criminal penalties such as incarceration, administrative penalties such as the loss of a driver's license and can threaten a business or occupational license. Drug charges, therefore, threaten the freedom and professional and personal lives of accused individuals.

Do PA police need a warrant to search a vehicle?

Anyone who has watched police programs on television know search warrants. Judges issue these documents when a law enforcement officer is able to show the court that there is probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime may be found in some specific location. The idea behind warrants is to protect the privacy of people's property under the 4th amendment. However, it may be less commonly known by Pennsylvanians that warrants are not always used.

Intent to distribute charges pending against Pennsylvanian couple

There is a saying that a "family that plays together, stays together." While that might be true, some activities are probably best left unshared. Being in possession of large quantities of illicit substances may be one of these, as one Allentown resident recently discovered.

Drug crimes are serious charges in need of a defense

Drug crimes are serious criminal charges that require a skilled defense, strong criminal defense strategy and knowledge of the criminal justice process and the rights of the accused individual. This blog recently discussed some of the rights individuals accused of crimes have when facing criminal accusations, allegations and charges. It is important for individuals who have been accused of committing a crime to understand their criminal defense rights and the right to respond to the charges they are facing.

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