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Poppy seed bagels imperil drug tests

The famous poppy seed defense may be valid. Poppy seeds can trigger a false positive drug test because they come from opium poppies, which sometimes contain small traces of morphine. These results have led to lawsuits and serve as a reminder that inaccurate drug testing can lead to false drug charges or other legal problems.

Defending against prescription drug charges

Pennsylvania's Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act sets out the different schedules, or classes, of prescription drugs in the state. These schedules determine the sentencing guidelines to be applied when a party is charged with a prescription drug, or controlled substance, crime.

Sentencing entrapment defense

Many Pennsylvania drug cases are brought with the assistance of a confidential informant, or undercover agent. Often, a sting operation will be setup by law enforcement in which a drug deal will be arranged between a suspect and an informant. It is in these circumstances that sentencing entrapment can happen.

Pennsylvania heroin laws

Heroin use has become such an epidemic in our country that states have adopted laws that specifically address and set out sentences for its use, possession and distribution. Pennsylvania is no exception.

Man faces multiple charges after drugs found in child's car seat

A 28-year-old Lansford, PA man faces a multitude of drug charges after police found packages of heroin stashed in his 18-month-old child's car seat. One bag was found in the floor of the vehicle near the child, while three others were found underneath the car seat. The child was in the car seat at the time.

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