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One killed by chain-reaction crash

Driving is not always an easy undertaking. Individuals who must operate their vehicles on Pennsylvania's many roads and highways are aware of the significant distractions and complications that can present themselves during the course of a trip. For example, a driver may have to contend with weather hazards, construction, and dangerous drivers all on top of the regular traffic that can clog throughways and cause delays to individuals who have places to go.

Compensation for catastrophic injuries

In the early morning hours of Friday, March 9th, at approximately 1:30 a.m. a woman crashed her car into LaRose's Skating Rink in Franklin Township. She had failed to negotiate a curve along Route 209 causing her to run off the road and crash into the building. Franklin Township police are still investigating the accident for a possible cause.

What is a soft tissue injury?

Car accident victims can experience a wide range of injuries as a result of their collisions. While some Pennsylvanians may walk away from their accidents with minor bruises and abrasions, other may sustain life-threatening damage to their internal organs, broken bones and even death. One of the most common types of injury that occurs during vehicle collisions is soft tissue damage and this post will introduce this important car accident topic. Readers are cautioned, however, that the information provided herein is not medical or legal advice.

Can I recover lost wages after a car accident?

It is not uncommon at all to have to miss work for a few days, or even for an extended period of time, after an auto accident. If the accident was just minor, we may take a day or two off to allow our bodies to heal from any soreness or bruising. If the accident was major, we may require surgery, other treatments, or rehabilitation that can takes month to complete. All of these result in lost wages. So how can those be recouped?

What you do in the hours and days after an accident matters

A car accident can be a physically and emotionally traumatic event. Pennsylvania readers know that a collision can change their lives, but these impacts can go far beyond just the physical. The impact of your car accident may last for years and leave you with significant financial strain.

Pennsylvania car accident claims life of woman and injures others

Victims of car and truck accidents are legally protected. A recent four-vehicle car accident in Pennsylvania claimed the life of a 61-year old woman. The car accident occurred as traffic began to slow for road work in the lane the woman was travelling in. A tractor trailer driven by a 36-year old man failed to slow and struck the woman's vehicle from behind. The driver of the tractor trailer was cited by authorities for speeding. The woman's vehicle was forced into the vehicle in front of her, also slowing in the construction zone, which was then forced into an SUV in front of it.

Distracted drivers in Pennsylvania may face legal consequences

Most of us are familiar that distracted driving can cause serious car accidents that result in significant injuries and harm to victims. It is important for drivers to keep in mind that any activity that removes their hands from the wheel, their eyes from the roadway or takes their focus off the task of driving is considered distracted driving. This can include a variety of behaviors that are potentially dangerous on the roadway.

What is "negligence" in a Pennsylvania car accident?

Most Allentown residents, like Americans nationwide, spend a lot of time in motor vehicles. Whether driving to work, to church or the store, automobiles play a large part in our lives. Car accidents result in thousands of deaths and multiples more injuries every year in Pennsylvania. Those who have been hurt in a car crash can end up with huge medical bills, months of lost wages and other economic fallout. Because of this, the legal system maintains a way for these victims to pursue compensation.

State releases disturbing stats about distracted driving

Despite countless attempts to curb distracted driving, it seems that the epidemic is getting worse, according to recent statistics provided by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts and PA Courts InfoShare. Between 2014 and 2016, citations for distracted driving rose by over 1,000 from 2,195 in 2014 to 3,336 in 2016. This is a rise of over 52 percent across the state.

Texting while driving is against the law

The automobile has been a very valuable invention and people have grown to rely on them in their daily lives. People rely on them to get to work, bring the children to school or other activities, go shopping and run other errands, see friends and family and for many other reasons. While they can be very valuable and convenient, if operated incorrectly, they can also be dangerous. That is why it is important for people to keep their eyes on the road and pay attention to their surroundings.

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