Divorce can be a devastating experience. Your Lehighton divorce attorney at Rapa Law Office is familiar with the emotional, financial and legal issues involved in a divorce. We are respectful of your situation. We listen to you. Divorce is fraught with emotional components. Our Lehighton Divorce lawyer is determined to represent your interests zealously and professionally, advocating for the best and fairest outcome, yet not contributing to the turmoil of the situation.

In Pennsylvania, you have the option of filing for no-fault divorce or fault-based divorce and whether or not to make financial claims such as claims for Alimony Pendente Lite (APL), Alimony and equitable distribution (division of marital assets). Issues of child custody, child support, and spousal support must be separately adjudicated through out-of-court settlements or court hearings. The decision of which claims to make or how to respond to claims made against you in a divorce is an important one. In the case of APL and Equitable Distributions the failure to make a claim may result in your loss of the claim. Let our Lehighton Divorce Attorney help you make the right decisions in this difficult time.

Financial considerations are a large part of a divorce. You may have a simple, dignified, and even friendly divorce. Your Lehighton divorce attorney at Rapa Law Office sincerely hopes that is the case. However in many cases, the hope of an amicable resolution is undermined by the emotional and financial issues involved in divorce. While we make every effort to facilitate amicable resolution, it is our lawful duty to protect your rights. Do not go through this process alone. We are experienced Lehighton divorce lawyers dedicated protecting to all facets of our client's interests. We are fierce advocates for you and your best interests.

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