Tips to help parents successfully co-parent after divorce

Tips to help parents successfully co-parent after divorce

by | Oct 28, 2016 | child custody |

This blog recently discussed how child custody is determined in Pennsylvania. Child custody and co-parenting is a significant concern for most parents going through the divorce process. While the goal of the family law process related to child custody are what is in the best interests of the child, all parents want to ensure their children are happy, healthy and will have a positive future. Some tips for co-parenting amicably may be helpful to achieve those goals.

It can be useful to for divorced spouses to think of themselves as partners in co-parenting and to view each other as the father and mother of their children rather than as ex spouses. It can help to remain focused on the shared goal of the children and to focus on respecting one another in that regard rather than focusing on emotions and the past. It can also be useful to cooperate with a shared list of expenses rather than letting financial concerns pile up all at once. On that note, it can be good for parents and children alike to have important essentials and items at both homes.

It can be helpful to be familiar with the variety of resources, including technology resources, available to help parents communicate concerning co-parenting after divorce. It is necessary to communicate concerning schedules, schooling, friends, doctors and other important considerations but communicating in person may not always be possible or the best option. It can also be useful to keep teachers and others informed about the family structure and changes that often occur after a divorce. It can be necessary at times to keep in mind the importance of remaining flexible with the children’s time and to listen as part of open communication.

Divorce commonly means a number of changes for families, parents and children which is why the family law process provides resources to help guide families through that process towards a positive future following divorce. A high level of familiarity with the tools available to help them resolve divorce-related disputes, including child custody concerns, and to facilitate co-parenting can be useful for parents to understand.

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