Woman faces multiple offenses linked to Pennsylvania DUI

Woman faces multiple offenses linked to Pennsylvania DUI

by | Jan 16, 2017 | drunk driving |

When there are drunk driving charges alleged against a person in Pennsylvania, it will not necessarily be a simple matter of being stopped by law enforcement and facing an arrest for driving under the influence. Often with a drunk driving arrest, there will be other infractions as part of the process that can lead to multiple offenses and the increased harshness of the penalties if there is a conviction. Whether it is a single charge or multiple charges going beyond those confined to a DUI, one of the most important factors in any case is to have legal assistance for negotiation of a possible plea and to formulate a defense if the case goes to trial.

A woman who had been arrested on drunk driving charges earlier in the evening was arrested again hours later after engaging in a high-speed chase with law enforcement. The second incident occurred shortly after 11 p.m. The 23-year-old woman had been told to stop her Dodge Stratus, but refused. The chase reached speeds of 110 miles-per-hour. As she was fleeing, she tried to negotiate a curve on the road, but lost control of the car and it was disabled. She then left the car and tried to escape on foot. She was caught and arrested. She now faces numerous charges for fleeing police, resisting arrest, driving under the influence, operating her vehicle recklessly, and speeding.

While it is known that driving under the influence is dangerous and can lead to an arrest and conviction, many are unaware of the rules that law enforcement has to follow when investigating a case. The manner in which the person is tested is key. There could be a flaw with the breath test machine or the operator could have used it incorrectly. Considering the penalties that can accompany a conviction with fines, a suspension of driving privileges and jail time, it can cause significant problems in a person’s life. Anyone who is arrested needs to understand the importance of a defense. This is true whether it is a first time offense or repeated offenses, whether there was an accident or not, and if there were injuries.

In this case, a woman was arrested for DUI and then was subsequently alleged to have committed another series of offenses a few hours later. With everything she is facing as a result of these incidents, it is imperative that she protect herself. For that, she needs to contact an experienced attorney and craft her defense as soon as possible.

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