Helping you reach a custody agreement during divorce

Helping you reach a custody agreement during divorce

by | Mar 30, 2017 | child custody |

They are very few life events that are as emotional and challenging as divorce. This is especially true when a child is involved and the divorcing parents are unable to agree on terms that directly and indirectly impact the children. While it might be difficult to transition from a one household family to a two household family, accepting the changes that are occurring is often the first step. Next, parents must determine the child custody arrangement that will meet the needs of everyone involved and the best interests of the children.

At Rapa Law Office, P.C., our skilled legal team has experience dealing with a wide variety of custody disputes. Whether you are seeking a primary custody, joint custody or requesting more parenting time, our goal is to meet the needs of our clients first.

Working through a child custody matter can be a delicate process. The age of the children involved greatly impacts the decisions made at this point; however, divorcing parents must also consider the future when developing a custody agreement for the present. A child’s needs can change from year to year, so parents might need to revisit the terms they found challenging to agree on initially.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s website. It can be a difficult time going from having your children all of the time to having them half the time or less; however, divorcing parents cannot ignore the important decisions surrounding custody. Those dealing with disputes or issues surrounding child custody should take the time to understand their rights and options. This not only protects their rights but also the interests of the children as well.


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