Routine traffic stop results in serious drug charges

Routine traffic stop results in serious drug charges

by | Mar 17, 2017 | drug charges |

Drivers get pulled over by police all the time for a number of reasons. For many people, this can mean little more than a speeding ticket and a fine. For others, a traffic stop can lead to serious drug charges.

A man was recently arrested by Pennsylvania state police and faces serious drug charges after officers said they found drugs and a gun in his possession during a traffic stop. According to police, an officer pulled of the man’s vehicle, saying that he was smoking marijuana and was carrying a small bag of pot. The officer called for backup and when other officers arrived, they said they saw a large bag of marijuana sitting on the passenger seat of the man’s vehicle. They said they also found a handgun and several jars filled with marijuana.

The man, who was on parole after an earlier conviction, now faces charges of drug trafficking and was sent to jail with bail set at $250,000.

Drug charges can bring serious penalties and long-term consequences even with a simple possession charge. However, when police find more than a specified amount of an illegal drug on a person, prosecutors presume that the person wasn’t just using the drug, but was selling it. This can mean the person will be charged not just with simple possession, but with drug trafficking, which carries much more severe penalties. If combined with other charges, such as weapons charges, or charges related to violation of probation, this can mean a conviction will lead to severe penalties.

A good criminal defense lawyer can be crucial for anyone facing this type of charge and these potential penalties. A defense attorney can investigate the circumstances of the arrest to look for unlawful acts by the police that might help get evidence thrown out. And an attorney can help the accused understand the legal strategies that can minimize the damage these charges can cause, or even help the accused avoid them altogether.

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