Do you know how to decrease your risk of a rollover accident?

Do you know how to decrease your risk of a rollover accident?

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Many Pennsylvania residents understandably have a fear that their vehicles will flip. Rollover accidents can often cause serious or fatal injuries, and you certainly do not want to find yourself involved in such an incident due to your own actions. Therefore, you may want to take certain precautions that could help you potentially avoid involvement in a rollover crash.

You may not immediately understand the best methods for increasing your safety when it comes to such accidents. Luckily, various steps and information could help you remain more aware of what could contribute to your vehicle overturning.

Type of vehicle

Certain types of vehicles have a greater chance of rolling than others, and you may wish to remain on the lookout for those vehicles. SUVs, trucks and minivans all have a higher chance of rollovers due to their higher centers of gravity. This fact means that because tops of the vehicles sit farther away from the ground, they may overturn more easily. Smaller cars that sit closer to the road have a lower center of gravity and less of a chance for rolling over.

Vehicle specifications

You may find yourself among the numerous people who never look at the owner’s manual of your vehicle. However, the information in that manual could help you prevent a rollover accident. By knowing the weight limit of your vehicle, you may know when the risk for overloading exists and take steps to lessen the weight. By doing so, you may keep your vehicle from becoming unstable.

Safe driving

If you operate a vehicle with a high center of gravity, driving safely can also help protect yourself and others from involvement in a rollover incident or lessen the likelihood of serious injuries. For instance, you should remain aware of your driving speed as traveling at rates over 55 miles per hour increases the risk of rollover in SUVs, minivans and trucks. Additionally, if you take turns or curves too sharply, your vehicle could overturn. More obvious steps, such as remaining sober and seatbelt use, can also increase your safety.

Accidents and injuries

Unfortunately, even if you take safety measures in hopes of avoiding rollover accidents, you may still find yourself involved in such an incident due to the actions of another person. Because serious injuries are common results, you may wish to consider your legal options for seeking compensation for injuries suffered and other permissible damages.


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