Woman arrested for driving under the influence

Woman arrested for driving under the influence

by | Sep 22, 2017 | drug charges |

Criminal defense rights apply to all types of criminal charges, including drunk driving charges. In a nearby Pennsylvania community north of the Lehighton area a 34-year old woman was recently arrested for drunk driving charges. According to authorities, the woman fled the scene of an accident that injured a 70-year old man. Witnesses provided a description of the vehicle allegedly involved in the accident and a partial license plate number. Also according to authorities, another witness called in to report that they were following a vehicle that was driving erratically and matched the description of the vehicle involved in the accident.

Following the witness’s call to police, authorities arrested the woman. The woman reported to officers that she had taken an Ambien to help her sleep but police officers alleged her speech seemed slurred and she seemed under the influence. Police stated they did not conduct field sobriety tests because the woman had difficulty keeping her balance and understanding police. The woman consented to a blood alcohol test. Authorities reported that the woman’s license was suspended because of a DUI.

The woman was charged with DUI general impairment level and several other offenses. Drunk driving charges are a serious matter for individuals accused of driving while impaired and can have serious personal and professional consequences for the accused individual. Accused individuals may face criminal penalties, including jail time and fines, and administrative consequences including license suspension and revocation. In addition, they may face consequences related to employment and other concerns as well.

Because of the serious impact drunk driving charges can have on accused individuals, it is important for them to be aware that all of the criminal defense rights and protections available through the criminal justice system apply to them and to drunk driving charges. Accused individuals should be familiar with how to establish a strong criminal defense strategy to ensure that police properly followed procedures designed to protect their rights when they have been accused of committing a crime.

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