Should parents get equal time in a joint physical custody plan?

Should parents get equal time in a joint physical custody plan?

by | Apr 27, 2018 | child custody |

When divorce occurs within a Pennsylvania family it can be hard for the parents to figure out how to split their children’s time between their different households. While in some cases they may eventually come to an arrangement that serves both their expectations and their children’s needs, in other cases they may need the help of the courts to settle their differences. When parents share physical custody of their kids and cannot find common ground regarding the split, courts will assess how to serve the best interests of the children in their divided custodial plans.

In some cases children may benefit from having equal time with each parent. This may be achieved if the parents can work their schedules to spend meaningful time with their kids and if moving back and forth between the parents’ homes is not disruptive to the children’s schedules. Some parents do one week with the kids, one week away from the kids to achieve balanced physical custody sharing.

In other situations children may not thrive if they are moving from house to house. Even if the parents share physical custody the needs of the individual children may require them to stay with one parent during the school week and only be with the other parent on weekends. The unique needs of the kids will play a major role in how their custodial arrangements are set by the courts.

If parents are granted shared or joint physical custody of their kids then they may end up with any number of schedules that involve each having time with their children. In order to gain better understanding of how a particular family law situation may resolve itself, readers are encouraged to discuss their needs with their divorce or custody attorneys.


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