Social media and its potential impact on your divorce

Social media and its potential impact on your divorce

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As Pennsylvania readers know, many people have a profile on some type of social media platform. From Facebook to Instagram to SnapChat, many different platforms allow you share your pictures, information and personal thoughts. If you are on Facebook, you would be prudent to consider how your use of this site could impact your divorce proceedings. 

Many users of Facebook are inclined to share an extensive amount of personal information on their profile. During a divorce, information shared by you or another person can actually negatively impact things such as child custody proceedings. In fact, things posted on Facebook are a reason for many relationship breakdowns and eventual divorces.

What you post matters

For many people, social media provides an opportunity to connect with people from the past, share pictures and make new friends. However, these opportunities can lead to circumstances that actually lead to issues that can cause strain within a marriage, ultimately leading to the decision to move forward with divorce. 

Additionally, social media can become a tool used between contentious spouses during the divorce process. Information, pictures and things you post is technically public, and if it can be seen, it can be used against you. You would be wise to consider the impact of the following on your divorce:

  • Pictures tagged that could be used to prove infidelity or a drinking problem
  • Any pictures or posts that could indicate you are able to make expensive purchases, which could mean you do not need spousal support
  • Information that may conflict with what you told a judge about your schedule for visitation or custody disputes

In particularly difficult divorces, it may be beneficial to stay off social media or limit your use of your profile until the divorce is final. You would be wise to assume that your spouse sees what you post and use it against you during divorce proceedings.

Caution can help you protect your future

Divorce is a difficult and complex process, and it is smart to proceed with caution, even before you formally file. Your information is particularly important to protect during a contentious divorce, including what you post on social media. 

If you are navigating the divorce process, or think you may be moving forward with this process in the near future, you may find it beneficial to seek guidance regarding what you can do to shield your interests and pursue a strong future.


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