Woman files suit over loss of husband and child in crash

Woman files suit over loss of husband and child in crash

by | Nov 8, 2018 | car accidents |

A construction zone, an 80-ton tractor trailer, and an allegedly drunk driver is a hazardous combination. A woman who lost her husband and 16-month-old daughter in a car accident filed a lawsuit against the trucking company, truck driver and contractor on the construction site.

According to police, a tractor-truck slammed into traffic slowing down near a construction zone on I-83 outside Harrisburg, which caused a 12-vehicle accident. When the truck crashed into the car, the vehicle caught on fire. The woman’s husband and daughter were trapped in the vehicle and died from smoke inhalation and thermal burns, according to her lawsuit.

Police charged the truck driver with homicide by vehicle, driving while intoxicated and driving with a suspended license. The woman’s lawyers claim that the driver admitted to drinking five double shot margaritas and a couple of beers during an earlier stop in New Jersey. Before the accident, the driver had an outstanding warrant for a traffic citation on April 14, 2018. His license was also suspended after he pled guilty to drug possession charges in Mississippi.

The plaintiff sued the driver, the truck company and the contractor on the construction project. She claimed that the company should not have been permitted him to drive with his driving record. The plaintiff also charged that the contractor was negligent and reckless by failing to provide adequate warnings to drivers of the changed traffic patterns. It also created hazards that caused traffic to slow down or stop suddenly without adequate warning.

An attorney can help obtain compensation for victims injured by an intoxicated driver and inadequate safety equipment. Lawyers may obtain evidence and assure that a lawsuit is timely filed.


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