Can you fail a field sobriety test without drinking?

Can you fail a field sobriety test without drinking?

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Drunk driving penalties are serious in Pennsylvania. When pulled over for a suspected DUI, it is natural to feel stressed or worried, even if you were not driving under the influence. When pulled over by the police, many drivers do not recognize that they do not have to indulge police officers in a field sobriety test. There are reasons that a person may want to refrain from field sobriety tests. Hidden illnesses and injuries, for instance, may make it difficult for a person to pass the test. 

The point of a field sobriety test is to gauge whether a person drove under the influence. While this is for drunk drivers, it is possible to fail the test when you are sober, according to The Huffington Post. Those with hidden illnesses and injuries may fail the test. What are hidden illnesses and injuries? 

When it comes to injuries and illnesses, there are a variety that may affect your balance or your vision. Hidden injuries and illnesses may include: 

  • Sprains 
  • Strokes 
  • Head injuries 
  • Eye diseases 
  • Inner ear conditions 

A person with a condition that inhibits his or her ability to walk a straight line or balance on one foot is at an unfair disadvantage during a field sobriety test. If you have an invisible injury or illness, you may still have your driving abilities. Impaired mobility does not restrict you from legally driving. If you cannot bear your weight on one leg, however, you may be unable to keep your balance during the one-legged stand test. 

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