Oh no! I’ve just been in a motor vehicle accident!

Oh no! I’ve just been in a motor vehicle accident!

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Being injured in a car crash in Pennsylvania can be one of the most frightening events you can experience. You may also be frustrated if the motor vehicle accident was the result of the negligence of another driver. Following a few steps can be helpful for dealing with the insurance company following the wreck to ensure that your best interests are protected.

What to do following the accident

An important first step to take following the accident is to take photographs of the crash scene, including damage done to your automobile and any injuries you have suffered.

Next, it is essential that you get in touch with your insurance agent quickly and maintain detailed notes about all of the conversations you have with the representatives of the company. In addition, it can be helpful to get the names of the people you speak with, along with their job titles and telephone numbers. Even their supervisors’ names can be handy to find out and record.

When speaking with your agent, it is critical that you are forthcoming. If you are not candid from the start, your insurer might end up invalidating your policy or denying your coverage. Furthermore, maintaining receipts of all purchases as well as meal and lodging costs associated with recovering from your injuries will be helpful if you need to tally expenses related to your claim.

What not to do following the accident

After your crash, advisors recommend that you avoid giving written or recorded statements to your insurance company without first understanding your coverage. If you are not sure about whether you should let your insurance company record your conversations, consulting an attorney is critical.

In addition, you policy may have set deadlines. The majority of companies require that you sign a proof of loss form within an allotted time period. Several policies may also give you just one year from your wreck date to take legal action in the event you feel that the insurance company did not adjust your claim in a fair manner.

It is also beneficial to avoid immediately accepting the appraisal or estimate of your accident-related losses that your insurer gives to you, as this may be lower than what you are entitled to receive. Likewise, contacting a knowledgeable attorney in Pennsylvania is paramount before you sign any waiver or release for payment to ensure that you are not accepting an inadequate settlement following your motor vehicle accident.


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