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Debt consolidation in Lehighton can be treacherous territory to navigate. You may be over your head in debt or underwater in your home. Calls may be coming all the time. Bills may be piling up. Lawsuits may be pending. You may feel desperate.

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The possible solutions to your debt situation can be numerous, complicated and riddled with pitfalls. Sometimes consolidation can mean moving your credit card debt to another card with lower interest or paying your high-interest debts with lower interest alternatives such as home equity loans or personal lines of credit. In other circumstances, settlement of the debt may be your best solution, but it is always recommended that you deal with an attorney or another financial professional in person, as it may result in unexpected negative credit reporting and tax consequences. Do not be lured by online debt consolidation scams, promising the elimination of debt within a short period of time. These companies are often located far away, have poor customer service and are unable to assist in legal situations that may arise. Bankruptcy can be another option for those who qualify and may protect assets while eliminating debt.

Your situation is serious and requires more than self-diagnosis and treatment based on advice found online. It requires the assistance of a knowledgeable legal professional. You should not do online research to self-diagnose and treat a medical condition, and you should not try to self-diagnose and treat your financial troubles either. Use the information resources offered on our website and schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation and legal options.

You may have already consolidated your debts using a debt consolidation company, and the results have been as devastating as the original debt problems. If your situation has deteriorated due to the actions of a company or agency that you hired to help you, it may be time to consult with Rapa Law Office, P.C.

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