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When you are trying to get through a divorce, the outcome of your divorce has a massive impact on your immediate and far-off future. You want to be sure you are earning the best possible outcome in all matters of your case, especially when it comes to alimony and equitable distributions.

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While both alimony and equitable distributions are critical in shaping your finances and assets after a divorce, they are both still unique.

Alimony is income that one spouse pays to another with a value that is determined by considering all the relevant aspects of the divorce. Critical factors, such as each spouse’s earning capacity, age, education, the standard of living and even wrongdoings during the marriage, all shape how much one spouse might pay the other.

Equitable distribution is the division of all the assets and debts that were accrued during the marriage up until the time of divorce. In order to ensure everything is divided properly, we can help you with the process so that you get the most out of it. This division is also required when determining alimony, and we can help you negotiate and litigate for a decision that protects your best interests in either arrangement.

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