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Almost everyone has some credit card debt. Over your head in credit card debt? Unable to make your monthly payments? Are collection calls coming in all the time? Bills piling up? Recently served with a collection lawsuit? Don’t know where to turn? You have found the right place. At Rapa Law Office, P.C., we help individuals struggling with credit card debt by assessing the situation, advising clients of their rights and developing a strategy to deal with the problem.

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The possible solutions to your credit card debt situation can be numerous, complicated and riddled with pitfalls. Sometimes consolidation can mean moving your credit card debt to another card with lower interest or paying down your high-interest debts with lower interest alternatives such as home equity loans or personal lines of credit. In other circumstances, settlement of the debt may be your best solution, but it is always recommended that you deal with an attorney or another financial professional in person, as it may result in unexpected negative credit reporting and tax consequences. Bankruptcy can be another option for those who qualify and may protect assets while eliminating debt.

Yet another option is to defend against collection accounts by disputing the debt or defending collection lawsuits. Debts in collections are already harming your credit and will continue to report negatively on your credit for up to seven years. By making a payment on a debt, you extend the seven-year credit reporting period. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers are afforded the right to dispute certain debts and credit reporting, which may be beneficial in your situation. Contact one of our credit card debt attorneys to discuss your options.

If you are facing a collection lawsuit, you must act immediately. Once you have been served with a collection lawsuit there are deadlines for your response. If you fail to respond to the complaint, the creditor wins automatically. But how do you respond? Each lawsuit is different, but in many cases, the complaints filed fail to meet pleading requirements. In many others, the evidence possessed by the credit card company or debt collector is insufficient to prove their case. If they cannot meet their burden you win, the debt is gone and must be removed from your credit report. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation with one of our credit card debt attorneys and allow us to assist you in dealing with credit card debt.

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