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Assault Attorneys in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Don’t Let Assault Charges Ruin Your Life

Assault charges commonly arise out of domestic violence situations, bar fights and other situations involving alleged physical contact. Coupled with other charges, an assault conviction can carry significant consequences and drastically impact your future.

Rapa Law Office, P.C., offers aggressive legal representation for those facing criminal charges in Lehighton, the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Assault defense attorney Matthew J. Rapa leads our criminal practice and has extensive experience handling drug crimes, DUI and other misdemeanor and felony offenses.

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Simple & Aggravated Assault In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are two forms of assault charges: simple assault and aggravated assault. While simple assault is often considered a misdemeanor offense, aggravated assault is a felony offense. While misdemeanors and felonies have very different consequences, in Pennsylvania, a conviction for either will result in a permanent criminal record. Simple assault and aggravated assault convictions can also carry significant jail time, preclude you from owning a firearm and affect your custody rights.

Attorney Matthew J. Rapa routinely handles assault cases related to domestic violence charges. He recognizes that even a minor charge jeopardizes your time with your kids, custody and more. He works hard on building a strong defense and minimizing the consequences at all costs.

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