Do you have a chance at fighting a traffic ticket?

Do you have a chance at fighting a traffic ticket?

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Every now and then, almost every driver bends the laws when operating their vehicles. You likely find yourself among this group, and whether you drive slightly over the speed limit or do not slow at a yellow traffic light, you may feel that your actions do not have major consequences on others. However, you could find yourself in a difficult predicament if you get stopped by a police officer.

Though some people may not think of a traffic ticket as a big deal and simply want to pay the fine to avoid a larger ordeal, you may think differently. Luckily, you do have options for fighting a traffic ticket in hopes of avoiding the fine likely associated with it. However, in order to do so, you may wish to understand why challenging a ticket may work in your favor.

The law

When an officer issues a ticket, he or she has likely acted in a manner that he or she believes fits the situation due to suspecting that you have broken the law. However, every police officer does not fully understand the law down to the minute details. As a result, he or she may think that your situation warrants a ticket, but a closer look at the exact law could indicate that you operated your vehicle well within the boundaries of the law.

Paying the ticket

Again, some people may think that after getting a ticket they must pay it. However, that idea does not actually fit the circumstances. In fact, if you do choose to pay a ticket and then attempt to fight it, the court may view your payment as an admission of guilt. Therefore, your case will likely not prove successful and you will not get your money back.

Traffic school

Even if you must face some type of repercussion for allegedly violating driving laws, you may still have the ability to work toward an outcome that best suits you. For instance, you could potentially opt to go to traffic school in hopes of having the citation removed from your record or for having a lesser fine imposed.

Understanding your options

Because traffic violations typically fall into the category of being relatively minor, many Pennsylvania residents may not even know of their legal options for defending against allegations. Therefore, you may wish to explore your options more fully to determine the best possible route for your case if you wish to challenge a traffic citation.


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