Intent to distribute charges pending against Pennsylvanian couple

Intent to distribute charges pending against Pennsylvanian couple

by | Aug 2, 2017 | drug charges |

There is a saying that a “family that plays together, stays together.” While that might be true, some activities are probably best left unshared. Being in possession of large quantities of illicit substances may be one of these, as one Allentown resident recently discovered.

According to police, an operation conducted by the Vice Unit led to a home on Law Street. Inside that home lived a couple in their mid-thirties, who authorities claim was involved in the selling of illegal drugs. When the police entered the house about 9:30 on a recent Wednesday morning, they say they found over 200 containers of heroin and over 50 bags of cocaine. The 36-year-old male resident was arrested at the home, while the female resident, who is the same age, was taken into custody sometime later.

Authorities say that the woman told them she was aware that the drugs were present in the house. However, there is no indication of when she told them this, or what the alleged ‘operation’ was that led police to the couple’s home in the first place. While they are being charged with possession of illegal drugs with intent to distribute, there is always a possibility that police or prosecutors overstepped their legal authority in making these arrests and questioning the suspects.

We do not know, for example, if the woman was in custody or was advised of her rights prior to incriminating herself. It is unclear if the ‘operation’ conducted by the vice squad produced a search warrant for the home, or if they were invited in. These are issues that may present legitimate defenses against the charges lodged against this couple. Pennsylvania residents who are facing drug charges should remember that no matter how a story is reported, they have the right to defend themselves with…/mc-pol-allentown-couple-charged-with-dealing-heroin-cocaine-20170727-storye help of an experienced legal professional.

Source: The Morning Call, “Allentown couple charged after search leads to heroin, cocaine,” Manuel Gamiz, Jr, July 27, 2017


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