Seeking monetary recovery may be part of grieving process

Seeking monetary recovery may be part of grieving process

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If you recently experienced the sudden, untimely death of a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle accident, you are among those in Pennsylvania who understand how a split second can change life forever. You likely recall with utmost clarity where you were and what you were doing when you learned there had been a terrible accident involving one of your family members.

The hours and days that followed, however, may be less clear in your mind as the shock and grief that set in may have clouded your memory a bit. There is no one way to grieve, but there are many resources available that can help you learn more about the bereavement process and where to seek support if you choose to pursue justice on your loved one’s behalf.

Emotional, physical and psychological well-being affected

A sudden, unexpected loss, such as your loved one’s death in a fatal vehicle collision, affects your entire being. If the accident was likely preventable, were it not for another driver’s negligence, you may face serious emotional challenges in particular when working your way through the grieving process. The following information may be helpful to you:

  • Try not to resist or ignore your emotions: Some days, you may barely be able to get out of bed; others, you may feel stronger and capable of visiting with others or performing small tasks or projects around the house or at work. The key is to acknowledge whatever emotions you experience in a given moment and to ask for help if you have difficulty processing your feelings.
  • Helping others can be a way to help yourself: If your spouse is the one who died and you have children, doing your best to provide strong support for your kids may help you regain your own strength in the meantime. Remember that just as you may have feelings of anger and frustration, your children may also lash out or regress as they process their own grief.
  • Take advantage of available support networks: There are likely others in your Pennsylvania area who have experienced similar situations as your own. Perhaps attending a support group meeting for suddenly widowed spouses or a group that includes parents and children together may be a great source of comfort in your time of need.

In addition to various people in your community, such as ministers and licensed counselors, you may also turn to those well-versed in personal injury law for help in seeking recovery for your losses.

Although it may be difficult to think beyond your grief at first, as time goes on, you may find it helpful to pursue legal accountability against the person deemed negligent in your loved one’s accident as compensation often provided in such cases can greatly help offset expenses associated with such incidents.


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