The basics of drunk driving charges in Pennsylvania

The basics of drunk driving charges in Pennsylvania

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Drunk driving laws, penalties and consequences vary by state but some penalties and consequences can generally be expected associated with DUI charges. For example, jail time, license suspension and fines are possible as a result of drunk driving accusations. There are two common components of a DUI charge including criminal penalties and administrative consequences.

In Pennsylvania, individuals accused of drunk driving face potential administrative consequences including license suspension for up to a year for the first, second and third DUI charge they face. For a second DUI offense, accused individuals face mandatory alcohol education and treatment and an alcohol and drug treatment assessment. In addition, the requirement that the accused individuals install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle may be required for a second DUI offense. Criminal penalties can include jail time and others.

Drunk driving charges can negatively impact an accused individual in a plethora of ways and can haunt an accused individual for years down the road. As a result, it is important for accused individuals to understand how to negotiate the criminal process and the administrative process associated with drunk driving charges. This can involve challenging the charges or negotiating for a more favorable outcome which may be possible based on the circumstances.

It is important for any individual who has been accused of a crime to be familiar with the potential impact of the charges they are facing and how to defend against those potential impacts. The criminal justice system provides criminal defense rights to accused individuals and as a result, they should always be familiar with their legal options and rights when facing criminal charges.

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