How can you modify your child support amount?

How can you modify your child support amount?

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Modifying child support is not as much of a struggle as it may seem. By learning more about your options and the reasons why you may be able to change the amount you owe, you can see if this change is right for you. 

According to FindLaw, child support modification tends to happen when major life events occur. These life events are usually a new job, starting medical disability, losing your job, or any situation that impacts your income. Each state has its own laws about what a significant life change is, so be sure to check beforehand. It is also important to try to contact the child’s other parent in order to discuss any potential changes. More formal ways of discussion, like mediation, can save you time and effort while figuring out what to do. 

After you know you will need a modification, you should return to the court that determined your original amount and file your case again. Either you, or both you and your ex-spouse, can request the modification. The new child support order will detail the amount that fits your life and income. In the meantime, paying as much as you can is the best way to prove you are responsible. Being able to meet deadlines and minimum requirements for repayment is a positive factor in influencing how a legal court looks at your case. It proves you are trying to meet the standards set out for child support, instead of looking for an avenue to avoid payments. 

Child support modifications can be confusing, but learning more about how to file for a new amount can be helpful for you and your lifestyle. 


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