Should you consider a prenup?

Should you consider a prenup?

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To a lot of people, prenuptial agreements have a lot of negative associations. The truth is that prenuptial agreements can be useful for a lot of couples. It does not have to be a negative conversation to bring up to your partner. Prenuptial agreements are contracts that you create between you and your partner before marriage, deciding what happens to assets if you divorce. How do you know if you should consider a prenup? CNBC has some factors to consider when thinking about a prenup. 

A misconception about prenups is that only the rich need them. Now, it does make sense to have assets to back up the decision to create a prenuptial agreement, that is not always the main factor. In fact, one of the biggest factors is simply an uneven amount of assets between the couple. For instance, when one of the partners has a higher income and more assets than the other, then he or she may want to consider a prenup. 

Other reasons for choosing a prenup include: 

  • One spouse in line for an inheritance 
  • One spouse owns a business 
  • One spouse had a marriage before 
  • One spouse manages his or her assets 

While most couples do not want to think about the potential for divorce, it is also crucial that couples think realistically. While it is ideal that a marriage will last, there are risks to a marriage. The divorce rate in the U.S. is high. Some may worry that talking about a prenup could hurt a marriage. The truth is that it can strengthen your relationship if you are able to have tough financial conversations. 


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