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Charged With A Crime? Know Your Rights.

Being charged with a crime is not something you should take lightly. Even seemingly minor charges can end up carrying significant consequences. It is important you have an experienced defense lawyer, and one with a proven track record.

The criminal practice at Rapa Law Office, P.C., is led by attorney Matthew J. Rapa. He has vast experience handling criminal cases and significant trial experience. When you work with him, he sets realistic expectations and explains the likelihood of reaching a certain outcome and what your part in the defense process is.

A Criminal Attorney With A Proven Track Record

Criminal defense lawyer Matthew J. Rapa has a proven track record handling:

Protecting Your Future

Not all defense lawyers take a comprehensive approach to practicing criminal law. Attorney Matthew J. Rapa understands that your future is on the line and that a conviction could affect your family and your job. He gives his clients the facts, right from the start, and will not paint a false picture of what the possible outcomes could be. He immediately goes to work on your defense and uses all available resources to protect your rights.

Protect Your Rights And Contact Our Defense Attorney

Your first consultation is always free. Please contact us at 610-589-0663 to book your appointment. With offices in Lehighton and Allentown, we serve clients throughout the surrounding Pennsylvania areas.