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Hold Negligent Or Reckless Parties Accountable For Your Premises Liability Injury

A person does not need to be directly responsible for the injury you received to still be liable for it. Unlike direct personal injuries, like car accidents or medical malpractice, premises liabilities are typically the result of indirect influence. Because of this, it can be harder to prove liability when you are pursuing the compensation you need to recover from these injuries.

Here at Rapa Law Office, P.C., our Pennsylvania attorneys are fluent in proving liability to reward you with the compensation you need to recover. We will not settle for less in your case – we will fight to earn the best possible compensation available for your unique situation.

What Premises Liability Can Look Like

Premises liability cases can take many different shapes and forms before causing you to suffer serious or even catastrophic injuries. When a party fails to provide proper maintenance to their property and allows dangerous environments to remain, it can spell disaster for you. We have maximized the compensation in every type of premises liability case imaginable, such as:

  • Dog bites
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Snow and ice accidents
  • Defective products
  • Stairwell injuries
  • Amusement park injuries
  • Exposure to toxic fumes or chemicals

Our team of attorneys has more than 30 years of combined experience in meticulously combing through all the details of your unique personal injury case. We are prepared to fiercely negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your compensation includes all the current and future costs of your injuries. It is not enough to receive a small payment for just the initial costs.

Take Action Today To Protect Your Tomorrow

We look forward to earning the privilege of representing your needs. We strive to bring the most good to our community, and today, that starts with you. Contact our office in Lehighton to schedule your initial consultation. Call 610-589-0663 or email us here today.