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Child Support and Income Withholding Limits

Rapa Law Office, P.C. June 25, 2021

If you are in the early stages of getting a divorce, you could have a number of questions. For example, you might have uncertainty about what will happen to your assets, such as the family home, vehicles and items with sentimental value. If you have kids, you likely have serious concerns about custody and you should also look into child support matters.

Many parents have child support withheld from their income by their employer. It is important to develop an idea of how much you could have to pay and prepare for your future child support obligations in order to avoid falling behind.

How Much Can an Employer Withhold for Child Support?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, there are limits with respect to how much employers can withhold from an employee’s income for child support payments. Employers cannot withhold over 100% of an employee’s monthly child support owed from their disposable income. Disposable income consists of an employee’s net income after subtracting mandatory deductions.

For employees supporting more than one family, employers cannot withhold over 50% of their income, or 60% of an employee’s income if they do not have another family to support.

How Can Parents Prepare for Child Support Obligations?

When it comes to child support obligations, you need to take a look at your individual circumstances, such as your income, the number of children you have and your former spouse’s income. Try to prepare for the financial aspects of getting divorced with kids and make sure you stay current on your child support payments in order to avoid harsh penalties.