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How Many Traffic Crashes Result in Injuries and Death?

Rapa Law Office, P.C. June 10, 2021

If you worry about the risk of a motor vehicle collision, you should take steps to reduce the likelihood of an accident. For example, avoid driving when you are excessively tired and do not become distracted while driving. Unfortunately, some drivers ignore traffic safety guidelines and place lives in danger by choosing to operate a vehicle while distracted, drowsy or even drunk.

Review statistics on the prevalence of motor vehicle collisions and injuries in order to understand the scope of the problem and the threats people face on the road.

Statistics on Accidents, Injuries and Fatalities

On their site, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation published statistics on motor vehicle accidents in the state during 2019. Over the course of the year, more than 125,000 traffic accidents took place. Although a majority of people involved in traffic collisions did not sustain injuries (205,812), PennDOT received reports of over 76,000 people suffering injuries in these accidents. Furthermore, more than 1,000 people lost their lives in these accidents.

Looking at Accident Injury Trends

In 2015, over 127,000 traffic accidents took place in Pennsylvania. During 2015, 1,200 people died and over 82,000 sustained injuries. Although these figures reflect a decrease in the number of people hurt and killed in traffic crashes during this five-year period, drivers must remain vigilant behind the wheel.

Sadly, more people will suffer injuries in motor vehicle collisions and lose their lives because of the reckless behavior of other drivers. If a negligent driver has caused you or your family to suffer, make sure you explore some of the resources that could help you recover.