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Should You Try out Parallel Parenting?

Rapa Law Office, P.C. Sept. 25, 2021

As a divorcing parent looking for ways to co-parent peacefully, you may feel like many of the traditional options do not work for you. Shared custody, for example, often requires a high level of communication and cooperation that simply does not suit every divorcee.

Instead, you could consider looking into parallel parenting. This option may provide a good balance between joint parenting and giving you the distance you still need.

Relying on Written Communication

Psychology Today looks at parallel parenting and how co-parents use it to cooperate after divorce. In essence, parallel parenting takes the face-to-face meetings out of shared custody. You still hold equal responsibility and rights in your child’s life, but you do not have to interact directly with your co-parent.

Instead of in-person meetings or even phone or video conversations, you communicate strictly through text. This can include emails, text messages or even hand-written messages passed through a notebook that travels with your child from your house to your co-parent’s house and back.

In some cases, a court may require you to use a third-party application instead of email or text. They can use this application to monitor your conversations, ensuring nothing gets out of hand and providing evidence in the event of severe arguments.

Readjusting as Time Goes

You will need to revisit the case in court at least once a year, as parallel parenting does not serve as a permanent solution. In that time, a judge will determine if any changes should happen, if you should continue with the current plan or if you should graduate from it.

You can work together with legal help during this time as well. They can prepare you for potential changes and ensure you get the support you need while going through the process.