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Why Is Personal Compatibility with An Executor Important?

Rapa Law Office, P.C. July 1, 2020

Pennsylvania residents like you put a lot of work into your estate during your life. You build up your assets all throughout your career. It makes sense that you want to put forth every effort to protect them for your loved ones.

An executor is a key component in ensuring this happens. They manage your estate affairs when you no longer can. Because of that, it is crucial to pick an executor that fits your needs. But how do you do that?

Professional Traits of Estate Executors

Forbes discusses the traits to look for when choosing your estate executor. They mention the professional traits. It goes without saying that you want your executor to have certain skills. This includes strong organizational and leadership skills. They should work well on their own. They should manage projects well. They should also interact with bereaved loved ones in a calm and helpful way.

The Importance of Personal Compatibility

Unfortunately, this is for naught if they are not compatible with you on a personal level. First, what does personal compatibility mean? It means that you and your executor must “be on the same page”, so to say. You should share similar world views. You should hold similar morals. You should both have coinciding viewpoints on matters you deem important.

This is crucial because your executor acts as your representative. They act as an extension of you. You want the most accurate representation for yourself. Choose an executor that you share personal compatibility with. You can ensure that your viewpoint will not get tarnished along the way. They can provide clear direction that you yourself would approve of. This can help you rest at ease and will also ensure a smoother transfer of assets and so on.